2016, 07 African Safari Photos from Botswana and Zambia

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As we flew toward Savute I was filled with eager anticipation about the wildlife we would encounter.  Suddenly I spotted two elephants in a waterhole below us and snapped a quick picture. Elephant sightings are always a great way to begin a safari. Botswana always provides us with a great safari experience and this time would prove to be exceptional.

Flying Over Elephants-9352

We had a fabulous time photographing three different prides of lions with small cubs.  They were absolutely captivating to watch and great fun to photograph!

Lion Cubs at the River's Edge-5508Cautious cubs at the edge of the Chobe River.

Elephant Sitting in Mud-9536

This mud bath feels so good!

Red Lechwe Chasing Another Male-3906Spoonbills take flight while male Red Lechwe chases off his competitor.

Red Lechwe Chasing Another Male-3915 He’s gaining ground!

Red Lechwe HIding-3928

This one must be a lover and not a fighter. Looks like he is hiding from the tough guys.

One Happy Elephant-4897One Happy Elephant!

Mom's Little Helper-9873

Here Mom, I Can help!

Mealtime Challenge-2624

Hey!  That is my piece of meat.

Lions Eating Buffalo-9800The buffalo made a good meal for the whole pride.

Is This Seat Available?-3090

Pardon me, is this seat be available?

HIding Near Water Hole-2581Muddy Marauder

Snugling with Mom-2573Affection

Cub Biting Stick-2875Teething?

Lioness and Cub-2782But Mom, I wasn’t trying to get this dirty.

In Protective Custody-9818-2Under Protective Custody.

Lion Cub Stalking-3116Sneek Attack!

African Wild Dogs-7173African Wild Dogs

We encountered many wild dogs in both Botswana and Zambia.

African Wild Dog-African Wild Dog

Impala Jumping-1280Leaping Impala

Wart Hog Mud Bath-6975Wallowing Warthog

Leopard-3039Leopard resting in a large acacia tree

Leopard-6557Watchful Leopard

Young Impala Buck-2102Young Impala

Impala Leaping-6201Perfect Landing

Hippos-7352Hippos in the Cabbage Patch

Giraff Drinking-2373Long Reach to Water

Giraffe at Luangwa River-7968 At the river’s edge

Elephants Playing in Chobe River-4919Frolicking Elephants

Elephant Grass, Okavango Delta-0252Elephant Grass in the Okavango Delta

Elephant Resting Trunk-9474Just Resting

Elephant Playing in Chobe River-4890Elephant’s Playtime

Cape Buffalo Threatening-2120The Challenge

Buffalo Bulls Fighting--2In the fight, one Cape buffalo bull lifts the other up in the air! They weigh 2000 pounds!

Buffalo Bulls Fighting-Then punishes him mercilessly while he is down! The one on the ground was lucky that after the beating he was able to get up and run away.


2017 Safari Dates

I am proud and honored to personally lead each of these outstanding luxury photo safaris. I have personally designed our photo safaris to take clients to the best locations for wildlife photography in each country.  These are phenomenal trips so I hope you will be able to join me for your trip of a lifetime! If not this year, join me in 2017, because we have some fantastic safaris lined up! These really are the trip of a lifetime!

Tanzania and Kenya – Birthing Season with the Great Migration  Feb 20-March 7, 2017 Itinerary and Pricing
Botswana and Zambia – Photograph in four of Africa’s most exciting wildlife viewing locations.
May 14-31, 2017 Itinerary and Pricing
Tanzania and Kenya – Season for Great Migration Crossings at the Mara River July 15 – 31, 2017 Itinerary and Pricing
Tanzania and Kenya – Season for Great Migration Crossings at the Mara River Aug. 28 – Sept. 13, 2017 Itinerary and Pricing
South Africa Photo Safari  Sept. 12 – 28, 2017 Itinerary and Pricing 



2016 Safari Dates

Tanzania and Kenya – Birthing Season with the Great Migration  Jan 31-Feb 17, 2016 Itinerary and Pricing
Botswana – Photograph in four of Africa’s most exciting wildlife viewing locations.
May 15-June 1, 2016 Itinerary and Pricing
Tanzania – Season for Great Migration Crossings at the Mara River July 10 – 26, 2016 Itinerary and Pricing
Tanzania and Kenya – Season for Great Migration Crossings at the Mara River Aug. 28 – Sept. 13, 2016 Itinerary and Pricing
Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Trek  Sept. 13 – 17, 2016 Itinerary and Pricing 
South Africa Photo Safari  Sept 16-Oct 2, 2016 Itinerary and Pricing 
 Namibia Photo Safari Sept 30-Oct. 19, 2016 Itinerary and Pricing  

To reserve your space on our photo safaris, please call Paul Renner at (949) 295-3136, or email him at: paulrenner3@cox.net or ask for Prem Sharma or Gaby Gurrola at Best Safaris (800) 757-6625. The above itinerary dates may be subject to change due to accommodation availability at the time of booking.

Lioness and Cub Drinking-5555Cool Morning Drink

Ouch! That Hurts!-5654Ouch!  Your little claws are sharp!

Male Lion Aproaching-2147 How is this for handsome?

African Darter-4190I wonder why they call me a Snake Bird or an African Darter?

Cool and Resting-9466Oh, I love this muddy feeling!

Chakma Baboon Eating Water Lilies-5134Baboon eating water lilies in the Chobe River. Check out his stuffed cheek!

Chakma Baboon Eating Water Lilies 5132Keeping an eye out for dangerous crocodiles.

Crocodile Back-5266Oh, that looks like a really big one now!

Camp Xaxanaka Dining and Deck-0227Xaxanaka Lodge in the Okavango Delta

Airplane in Botswana-0122Our Airplane

African Jacana-4121-2African Jacana or Lillie Trotter

Wattled Crane-3982 Wattled Crane in Flight

Wattled Crane-4040Five Foot Tall Wattled Crane

White Crowned Lapwing-6249White Crowned Plover or Lapwing


Thicknee -5064 Spotted Thick-knee

Victoria Falls-1454Portion of Victoria Falls

Mfuwe Lodge Entrance-1634Entrance to Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia

Mfuwe Lodge Loby-1637 This is the lodge in Zambia that elephants walk up the stairs and past this reception desk to eat the wild mango fruit from the tree in the background. It is a beautiful lodge with tremendous numbers and varieties of wildlife in the areas surrounding it.


Male Puku Kob


Each of our safaris has been a tremendous photographic experience! I can hardly wait to return to Tanzania next week. Why don’t you join us on one of our safaris for the enriching experience of capturing your own photographs with me on safari in the wilds of Africa!

Our safaris make a wonderful graduation gift that will be remembered and cherished for a lifetime!

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I hope that you will be able to join us on one of our safaris in the not so distant future. It will be your trip of a lifetime!

Enjoy each day.

Paul Renner



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