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These lucky tourists were excited and thrilled as they watched this elephant graze its way towards them while making it’s way slowly up from the Tarangire riverbed.

Elephant Encounter-3158

Face to Face. Imagine the Thrill!
Tarangire National Park, Tanzania
Canon EOS 7D, Lens: Sigma 150-500mm
Copyright: Paul Renner, 2013

You’ll find information and prices on our 2014 Safaris below in the Newsletter. We are waiting for our 2015 safari prices and should be receiving them towards the end of April or early May. Rather than guess high to cover ourselves for next years prices, we wait to receive the actual cost from the lodges and airlines. This way we can offer you more outstanding quality on our competitively priced safaris.

On the rest of this years trips we only have four spaces available and they are on our amazing South Africa photo safari scheduled for September 19-October 3, 2014.  On that trip we will be focusing our cameras on the the “Big Five.” We will be seeing lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, buffalo, giraffe, zebra and so much more!  Why don’t you join us for your South African safari of a lifetime?

A giant thank you to participants on our July 2013 safari that sent me  images and their comments about our safari.  As you will see from the following photos, we had a wonderful trip filled with unlimited photographic opportunities! The first two groups of photos were taken using a Canon Sure Shot, proving once again that it is not necessary to have big expensive cameras to come home with great photos from our safaris. Thank you again to those sharing their photos with us.


Safari Photos by Kim Ufford

Hi Paul,

Thanks again for a great trip.  I really enjoyed everything and in particular all your help and patience helping me with my pictures.  I’m still learning photo shop elements and am I am very happy with the way many of my photos turned out considering I didn’t have a fancy camera.  Thanks again, Kim Ufford

For his photography Kim used a Canon PowerShot SX40 HS, proving once again that you don’t need a big, fancy camera to get great photos on our safaris.



Lion Eyes-


 White Rhinos-

White Rhinos

Yellow Billed Stork and Reflection-

Yellow Billed Stork and Reflection


Lion In Flower Bed

African Sunset-

Tarangire Sunset

Photos © Kim Ufford: 2013


Safari photos by Don Emmons


Hi Paul,

This was our third trip to Africa and we just wanted to let you know this was the best trip yet. We appreciated the knowledge you shared with us and the personal touch you added. We have given your name to many of our friends who have expressed an interest in a safari. Hopefully we will be able to do this again with you. The migration was phenomenal! Thanks again, Don and Sandy Emmons

For his photography Don used a Canon PowerShot SX50 HS .


Leopard Resting

Lilac Breasted Roller-2411

Lilac Breasted Roller

Maasai Children-4264

Maasai Children


Tanzanian Sunset

Vervet Monkeys-0804

Vervet Monkeys

Zebra's Eye-3153

Zebra’s Eye

Photos © Don Emmons: 2013


Safari photos by Bradley Hsi

Bradley used a Nikon D4 and a Nikon D800E. His lens was a Nikon 80.0-400.0 mm f/4.5-5.6.

Bee Eater-

Bee Eater

Bull Elephant-

Bull Elephant


Cheetahs in the Grass

Grey Crowned Cranes-

Grey Crowned Cranes

Masai Dancers-

Maasai Dancers

White Pelican-

White Pelican

Wildebeest and Zebra-7613

Zebra and Wildebeest

Photos © Bradley Hsi: 2013



African Photo Safaris in 2015


Keep your eyes open for the details of our upcoming 2015 safaris coming in May.

Lion Eyes-0643

Lion Eyes
Sabi Sabi, South Africa
Canon EOS 7D, Lens: Sigma 150-500 mm, f4.5-5.6 IS
Copyright: Paul Renner, 2013


African Photo Safaris in 2014

Five of our six 2014 safaris have been sold out for some time now.  Last year’s South Africa safari was stunning success for the big cats, elephants, rhino buffalo and more. We have adjusted the itinerary to make our 2014 safari even better! Click here for details on new September 19-October 02, 2014 safari to South Africa. Be sure and book your 2014 trip soon to avoid disappointment.

Tanzania and Kenya-17 Days – Birthing Season for the Great Migration(sold out) Feb. 1-17, 2014 Itinerary and Pricing
Botswana-15-Days  (Sold Out)  May 21-June 2, 2014 Itinerary and Pricing
Tanzania and Kenya-18-Days – Season for Great Migration Crossings at the Mara River (sold out) July 16 – Aug.2, 2014 Itinerary and Pricing
Tanzania and Kenya-17-Days – Season for Great
Migration Crossings at the Mara River (sold out)
Aug. 28 – Sept. 13, 2014 Itinerary and Pricing
Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Trek (sold out) Sept. 13 – 17, 2014 Itinerary and Pricing
South Africa Photo Safari (only four spaces available) Sept. 19 – Oct. 3, 2014 Itinerary and Pricing

African Photo Safaris In 2015

Our 2014 safaris are almost sold out, so either sign up now or ask to be placed on our waiting list for your 2015 safari early so you won’t be disappointed. We will be getting prices for our 2015 safaris in the beginning of May 2014. Dates subject to change slightly due to lodging availability. Even though we don’t have our prices yet, we have had many people request to be put on wait lists for specific safaris. Please contact me if you would like me to place your name on our “seriously interested in 2015” safari wait list. Please let me know which particular safari you are interested in.

Tanzania and Kenya-17 Days – Birthing Season for the Great Migration Feb. 1-17, 2015 Details coming in May
Botswana-15-Days May 18-June 2, 2015 Details coming in May
Tanzania and Kenya-18-Days – Season for Great Migration Crossings at the Mara River
July 16 – Aug.2, 2015 Details coming in May
Tanzania and Kenya-17-Days – Season for Great
Migration Crossings at the Mara River
Aug. 28 – Sept. 13, 2015 Details coming in May
Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Trek
Sept. 13 – 17, 2015 Details coming in May
South Africa Photo Safari Dates to be determined Coming in May


Leopard -1408

Why wait? Just Book Your Safari now! 
Sabi Sabi, South Africa
Canon EOS 7D, Lens: Sigma 150-500 mm, f4.5-5.6 IS
Copyright: Paul Renner, 2013


Important information about our safaris:

Prices for our safaris to Kenya & Tanzania, and South africa include international airfare from LAX – most other companies do not include airfare.
We have only three passengers per nine passenger 4×4 safari Land Cruiser so You will enjoy plenty of space for you and your equipment.
We stay in luxury safari lodges and tented camps.
You do not have to be a photographer but you must enjoy watching the wildlife because that is what we do!
I will be there to photograph with you and available to answer your questions.
 Parks we visit on our African safaris.


On our Tanzania/Kenya safaris we have only three passengers per nine passenger vehicle giving you plenty of space for you and your photo equipment. You can photograph through windows on BOTH sides of the vehicle and also from the top, which pops up to create shade so you are protected from the hot, equatorial sun. Compared to other tours that pack the vans with up to eight people, this is a huge deal. 

When using six great guides, you will hardly believe all of the wildlife they find. We have trained them to understand lighting, composition and what we are trying to achieve. Our guides are awesome! As we leave the lodges on our game drives to hunt for animals, the vehicles separate and spread out. This allows us to have up to six guides each looking for wildlife. They each have radios to share what they find so no one misses out. Our safaris are designed for the ultimate photographic experience, however please don’t be intimidated from enjoying one my photo safaris just because you are not a photographer or you don’t use a “great camera.” If you enjoy wildlife you will love these safaris and more than likely you’ll come home with your own great photos too! I will be photographing on our game drives too, but I am available to answer your questions and am happy let you know how I am photographing each subject so you can learn more about photography and bring home your own great photos too. To avoid disappointment, make your reservations today.

To reserve your space on our photo safaris, please call Paul Renner at (949) 295-3136, or email him at: paulrenner3@cox.net or call Prem Sharma at Best Safaris (800) 757-6625


Safari Photos by Grace Hsi

For her photography, Grace used a Nikon 1 V2 camera body.  Her lens was a VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G and a 70.0-200.0 mm f/4.0



Leopard in Fog-

Leopard in Fog

Maasai Child-

Native Child

Maasai Village-

Maasai Village

Maasai with Cattle-

Maasai With Cattle

Rothchild's Giraffe Fighting-

Rothchild’s Giraffe Fighting


Comon Zebra

Photos © Grace Hsi: 2013


Safari Photos by Jim and Marcia Sharp


What a great adventure Jim & I had in Africa.  God created such a wonderful world for all of us to enjoy.  We can’t thank you enough for your leadership. Have a great day. Jim & Marcia Sharp

01df6e72f624abceeb070bf120df659794d2eb519a (2)

Grey Crowned Crane


Masai Giraffe

01fa55c157d9a7f41bf95e517713d15e4bb1c02cf8 Cheetah Resting

Wildebeest Sparring


Rothchild’s Giraffe


Elephant on the Road


Baby Zebra


Young Lion


Vulture with Chick in Nest

Photos © James Sharp: 2013


Safari Photos by Betsy Parrott


Betsy used a Nikon D3200 camera and her lens was a 55.0-300.0 mm f/4.5-5.6.


Curious Zebra



Nile Crocodiles-02033

Nile Crocodiles

Lioness Drinking-01911

Thirsty Lioness


Running Impala

Grey Crowned Crane-0622

Grey Crowned Crane

Cheetah Undercover-01

Concealed Cheetah

Photos © Betsy Parrott: 2013


In the luxury tented camps we are not exactly roughing it. Each tent includes an ensuite bathroom with hot and cold running water, toilet, shower and sink and other comforts of home.

Tented Camp-1020877

Tented Camp on Safari


Thrilling Moments Create Lifelong Memories
Masai Mara, Kenya
Canon EOS 1D Mark lll, Lens: Canon EF100-400mm, f4.5-5.6 IS USM 

Copyright: Paul Renner, 2013


 Serengeti Sunset-7856

Serengteti Sunset
Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Canon EOS 7D, Lens: Canon EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Copyright: Paul Renner, 2013


Each of our safaris has been a tremendous photographic experience!  I am excited to be going back to Botswana in May of 2014!  Why not join us on one of our safaris for the excitement and satisfaction of bringing home your own photos from the wilds of Africa!

Please feel free to forward the newsletter on to friends that you think might find it interesting or might enjoy it.

For more safari information, prices and itineraries click here.

I hope that you will be able to join us on one of our safaris in the not so distant future. It will be your trip of a lifetime!

Enjoy each day.
Paul Renner



(949) 295-3136

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